First things first – ‘The Sweet Veg Company’ isn’t a company (yet?!) but I fell in love with the name, so don’t go thinking I have an established business, its just an obsessive hobby!

I have always had a passion for cooking, especially baking. My Mum is probably the main inspiration behind this as she had a wedding cake business when we were kids. I was lucky enough to grow up around the smell of cakes baking, an endless supply of icing to play with (and eat) and seeing some of her spectacular designs come together.

Having mastered the traditional sponge and chocolate cakes at a young age I have always been on the look out for interesting and unusual recipes. This is how I came across vegetable cakes! How fantastic that you can make a cake where the vegetable can substitute some or all of the fat and sugar. This is not to say that all of the recipes I post on here are super healthy, but as time goes on I will try to modify my recipes so they reduce the fat and sugar content.

Take a look at the Nutrition pages too – they are split in to Vegetables, Seeds and Nuts. I find it fascinating to read about the health benefits that these various foods can give you, so it’s great we can incorporate them in to cakes! (please note I am not a registered dietitian so the nutritional facts are based on my understanding from reading various books, journals and websites).


Please give the recipes a go and let me know how they turn out,

Happy Baking! x


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